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Upcoming Training and Events

    • May 13, 2024
    • May 16, 2024
    • 4 sessions
    • Embassy Suites, 300 Court St, Charleston, WV

    2024 West Virginia Geospatial Conference

    (WV GeoCon)

    Theme: "GIS Bridging the Gaps"

    Location: Embassy Suites, Charleston, WV

    Dates: Monday, May 13,  2024 through Thursday, May 16, 2024

    WVGeoCon is the annual conference of the West Virginia Association of Geospatial Professionals. This conference is an educational networking opportunity for all geospatial professionals in the state of West Virginia. More details to come, so please stay tuned!

    Presentations: Over 30 Presentations will take place on Wednesday, 5/15. More details will be found at the WV Geocon Website!

    We are also holding our first annual WVAGP Spatial Student Awards. If you qualify for a Student membership for our organization and attend a higher education institution, you are eligible to participate for one of three prizes:

    1. Travel and lodging to the 2024 ESRI User Conference
    2. $200 cash prize
    3. $100 cash prize
    • June 03, 2024
    • June 05, 2024
    • 3 sessions
    • Brooks Hall, Morgantown, WV 26505
    • 10

    GIS Foundations Training Course

    Instructor-Led, In-Person course
    Dates: June 3-5, 2024
    Location: West Virginia University, Brooks Hall

    GIS Foundations is a thorough overview of the most widely used tools and skills for the GIS Professional. The topics are broken up into sections over 3 days and students can attend any or all of the days as needed. All coursework will be utilizing ArcGIS Pro.

    General Agenda: (see more details at bottom)

    • Day 1 (Monday) TopicGIS Foundations I: Basics of ArcPro - This course is designed to introduce the fundamental concepts of geographic information systems, demonstrate their use and value, and provide practical skills which can be directly applied to the work environment. Prerequisite: Students are strongly encouraged to have basic computer operations knowledge, file management etc.
    • Day 2 (Tuesday) TopicGIS Foundations II: Foundations of GIS - This course is designed to provide an overview of the basic building components for an effective and useful GIS. The course focuses on best practices for building a functioning GIS topics cover databases and tables, querying and selection processes, basic analysis tools, and the basics of editing. Prerequisite: Students are strongly encouraged to have basic GIS skills, or the GIS Foundations I course.
    • Day 3 (Wednesday) TopicGIS Foundations III: Spatial Analysis & Modeling - This course is designed to introduce more detailed analysis options and tools. Prerequisite: Students are strongly encouraged to have experience using GIS, or have taken the GIS Foundations I and II courses.

    Additional Information:

    INSTRUCTORS: Dr. Michael Harmon & Dr. Aaron Maxwell

    COURSE PREREQUISITES: See descriptions.

    WORKSHOP MATERIALS: Materials will be provided by the instructor.

    CONTACT: Jessica Gormont, Training Committee Chair (

    PARKING: Parking permits will be provided to those who request them through the registration form. Additional fees may be required.

    MEALS AND BEVERAGES: Meals and beverages are not provided for this event. There will be designated times for lunch, but attendees must furnish their own meals and beverages for the day. Beverage use is restricted while in the computer labs.

    Agenda by Topics:

    Day One: Basics of ArcGIS Pro

    • Basic layout of Pro

    • Starting Projects

    • Spatial data

    • Map View - Catalog View - Layout View

    • Geoprocessing Pane

    • Making folder connections

    • Adding data from a folder

    • Adding data from portal

    • Connect to servers

    • Geodatabases

    • Working with tables

    • Data Query

    • Select by attributes / select by location

    • Intro to cartography

    Day Two: Foundations of GIS

    • Good spatial practices

    • Datums and projections

    • Fixing projections

    • Extract overlay proximity

    • Digitizing and georeferencing

    • Joins & Relates

    • Symbology cartography & classification

    • Interpolation

    • Raster math & functions

    • Summarizing data

    Day Three: Spatial Analysis & Modeling

    • Networks & Geocoding

    • DEMs

    • 3D Visualization

    • Viewshed

    • Hydrology

    • Basic modeling concepts

    • Model Builder

    • Spatial Patterns

    • April 04, 2025
    • 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Charleston, WV Senate Side of the Capital

    WV GIS Day at the Legislature 2025

Past Training and Events

March 18, 2024 GIS Drone Training Course
January 24, 2024 GIS Day at the WV Legislature
November 27, 2023 URISA - GIS Leadership Academy
November 19, 2023 2023 Meeting of the SEDAAG
November 08, 2023 2023 WVAGP Fall Meeting
October 25, 2023 ESRI MOOC: GIS for Climate Action
October 16, 2023 URISA GIS-PRO 2023
September 28, 2023 Eastern Panhandle GIS Users Group Mtg
September 20, 2023 ESRI MOOC - Imagery in Action
September 13, 2023 WVU Career Fairs - Agriculture, Natural Sciences, and STEM
August 30, 2023 ESRI MOOC - Spatial Data Science
August 17, 2023 ESRI - Getting Started with Field Maps Designer
August 07, 2023 Intro to QGIS (Two-Day Virtual Workshop)
July 31, 2023 (CANCELED) Cartography with ArcGIS Pro Series, Presented by Geospatial Training Services
July 10, 2023 ESRI User Conference
June 07, 2023 Remote Sensing: Working with Imagery and LiDAR (Two-Day Workshop)
June 05, 2023 Web GIS with ArcGIS Online (Two-Day Workshop)
May 25, 2023 Geostatistical Analysis (One-Day Workshop)
May 22, 2023 Intro to Geoprocessing Scripts with Python (Three-Day Workshop)
May 09, 2023 2023 WVAGP Annual Meeting
April 18, 2023 ESRI Southeast User Conference
February 07, 2023 URISA Location, Enterprise Addressing & Public Safety Conference (LEAP 2023)
January 26, 2023 US Census Bureau Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS) Webinar Series
December 21, 2022 ESRI Course: ArcGIS Enterprise Configuring a Base Deployment (Two-Day Course)
December 19, 2022 ESRI Course: Field Data Collection and Management Using ArcGIS (Two-Day Course)
November 18, 2022 WVDOT Hiring Event
November 16, 2022 International GIS Day
November 02, 2022 WVAGP Fall Meeting
September 22, 2022 Eastern Panhandle GIS Users Group Mtg
August 11, 2022 CANCELED: Geostatistical Analysis (One-Day Workshop)
August 08, 2022 Intro to Geoprocessing Scripts with Python (Three-Day Workshop)
June 15, 2022 USACE Great Lakes & Ohio River Division Virtual Recruitment Event
May 23, 2022 2022 WV GIS Conference
May 19, 2022 Web GIS with ArcGIS Online (Second Day)
May 18, 2022 Web GIS with ArcGIS Online (First Day)
May 17, 2022 Transition to ArcGIS Pro (Second Day)
May 16, 2022 Transition to ArcGIS Pro (First Day)
April 22, 2022 URISA Webinar: Preparing for the GISP Certification
April 14, 2022 "GIS in the Movies and TV" Part I and II, Hosted by WVAGP
January 06, 2022 Web GIS With ArcGIS Online (Day 2)
January 05, 2022 Web GIS With ArcGIS Online (Day 1)
January 04, 2022 Transition to ArcGIS Pro (Day 2)
January 03, 2022 Transition to ArcGIS Pro (Day 1)
November 16, 2021 GIS in the Movies and TV

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