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West Virginia Association of Geospatial Professionals

About Us

The West Virginia Association of Geospatial Professionals promotes and supports geospatial professionals in the effective use and sharing of geospatial information and related resources throughout the state of West Virginia.

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Who are we?

The West Virginia Association of Geospatial Professionals (WVAGP) is a growing nonprofit organization for geospatial professionals involved in digital cartography, geographic information systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), land information systems, remote sensing, and other related geospatial technologies. Members of WVAGP include representatives from local, state and federal agencies, educational and research institutions, the private sector, and other professional organizations.

Our Mission

The mission of the West Virginia Association of Geospatial Professionals is to bring together and build the geospatial community into a cohesive, recognized coordinating body that facilitates the use, development, sharing, and management of geospatial data and communicates the value of geospatial information to citizens and decision-makers.

What is geospatial?

Geospatial is a term widely used to describe the combination of spatial software and analytical methods with geographic datasets. The term is often used in conjunction with geographic information systems and geomatics.

Why geospatial?

This exciting technology creates intelligent maps and databases that enable public and private decision makers to make better informed decisions in diverse areas as public safety and economic development. Geospatial technologies are rapidly becoming principal tools in the government and private sectors because there are visual, integrative, and analytical.

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