Call for Papers & Presentations

Date Track Presenter(s) Title Download
Wed. 5/9 Track 1 Student Baker, Benjamin Remote Sensing Well Sites Baker_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 2 Barnett, Jason The Homeland Infrastructure Foundation Level Data (HIFLD) to the Rgions (HTTR)
Thurs. 5/10 State Government Bocan, John Geological & Economic Survey Bocan_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 1 Boettner, Fritz Modeling Fish Habitat Conditions for the Five Midwest Fish Habitat Partnerships (FHPs) A GIS Approach Boettner_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 1 Boettner, Fritz Development of watershed management tools and data for the implementation of a comprehensive watershed management plan. Developed for the Elk Headwaters Association; Slatyfork, WV Boettner_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 2 Bragg, Tyler Mobile GIS for Assessors: Using ArcGIS Mobile to Create a Field Map for Appraisers and Data Collectors Bragg_2012_a
Thurs. 5/10 Local Gov & Organizations Bragg, Tyler Fayette County GIS Bragg_2012_b
Wed. 5/9 Track 2 Brennen, Jayson Trends in Web and Mobile GIS and Using New Technologies for WebGIS Development at the WV Water Development Authority Brennen_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 1 Student Brewer, Jessica West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office interactive web map
Thurs. 5/10 Non-Profits Clingerman, Jason Downstream Solutions Clingerman_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 1 Cottrell, Roger Verification of Wastewater GIS Utilities and Geometric Network Creation for Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina Cottrell_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 2 Cox, Aaron Hampshire County Assessor Web Applications Cox_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 2 Crawford, Jackie Development of LiDAR-Based Derived Data Products with In-house Demonstrated Uses of a Higher Resolution Hillshade Crawford_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 3 Croswell, Peter Financing and Resourcing Strategies For GIS Programs and Projects Croswell_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 1 Student DeWitt, Jessica Lake Volumetrics DeWitt_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 1 Fedorko, Evan ICT Fedorko_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 1 Ferguson, Don Optimization of Wilderness Search and Rescue Operations through the Application of GISystems Ferguson_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 3 Garcia, Lou Asset Management, not a scary or costly concept Garcia_2012
Thurs. 5/10 Local Gov & Organizations Hampshire County Hampshire County GIS Hampshire_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 3 Harris, Trevor Geographic Information Science and immersion in a stereo-enabled 3D virtual reality CAVE
Wed. 5/9 Track 3 He, Xiaoning An Economic Analysis of Geothermal District Heating System by Using ArcGIS He_2012
Thurs. 5/10 Higher Education_&_Non-Profits WVU, Marshall, Glenville, Concord Educational Survey Higher_Ed_&_Nonprofits_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 2 Hopkins, Eric West Virginia Flood Tool Update Hopkins_2012
Thurs. 5/10 Federal Government Jeffers, Anne U.S. Census Bureau Jeffers_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 1 Kuhn, Kevin MapWV Basemap Viewer
Thurs. 5/10 Federal Government Lammie, Sam Monongahela National Forest Lammie_2012
Thurs. 5/10 K-12 Education Landenberger, Rick America View Landenberger_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 1 Student MacLennan, Barbara WVU Recycling Capstone: The importance of geospatial principles in creating effective and mutually beneficial neogeography projects for students and stakeholders MacLellan_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 1 Maxwell, Aaron Creation of High Resolution Land Cover and Forest Cover for West Virginia Relative to 2011 NAIP Orthophotography Maxwell_2012_a
Wed. 5/9 Track 1 Maxwell, Aaron Landform Alterations Induced by Mountaintop Mining: A Case Study in the Coal River Watershed Maxwell_2012_b
Thurs. 5/10 Local Gov & Organizations Monongalia County Monongalia County GIS Paugh_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 2 Mullenax, Matthew Using for Interweb Mapping Applications Mullenax_2012
Thurs. 5/10 Federal Government Noll, Wendy 2012 Soil Survey Update Noll_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 1 Paybins, Katherine Using map algebra and raster grids to extract water land cover from NLCD data for analysis Paybins_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 2 Perkins, Jessica D. West Virginia Transportation Roadway Network: Integrating Routing Capabilities and Best Practices through Detailed Editing and an Updated Data Model Perkins_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 1 Student Roedl, George Safer College Campuses and Communities Through the Use of Geospatial Information Technology Roedl_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 1 Rohrer, Debra Using small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) for GIS 3D Earth Modeling Rohrer_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 1 Sealy, Jason Enhancing WV's Oblique Imagery Capture to Meet the Needs of Public Safety Sealy_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 3 Shillenn, Michael Mobile Mapping Technology in Support of Geospatial Data Development Shillenn_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 2 Songer, Brad Voter Engagement using ArcGIS for Local Government
Thurs. 5/10 State Government State Government Presenters Ag, Dev, DNR, GES, Forestry, DEP, DHHR, DMAPS, Tax & Rev,DOT State_Government_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 2 Stevens, Brian Statewide ortho projects - Connecting Organizations and benefitting communities Stevens_2012
Thurs. 5/10 Non-Profits Thornton, Ruth The Nature Conservancy Thornton_2012
Wed. 5/9 Track 3 Tomlinson, Jeff Seminar: Smart web editing and workflow optimization
Wed. 5/9 Track 2 Van Aken, Seth Esri Cloud Strategy
Wed. 5/9 Track 2 Wu, Yueming Automation Using Python for WVDOT GIS Data Management Wu_2012_a
Wed. 5/9 Track 2 Wu, Yueming WVDOT GIS Strategic and Business Plan and Its Implementation Wu_2012_b
Wed. 5/9 Track 2 Yoo, Sang Appalachian Development Highway System Cost to Complete Estimate GIS Project Yoo_2012