Roll Call Report

Download the final 2008 Roll Call Report

Please update your organization's GIS survey for the upcoming 2008 West Virginia GIS Conference.  As a collaborative effort by the WV Association of Geospatial Professionals, WV GIS Technical Center, and WV Office of State GIS Coordinator, these surveys will be compiled from each organization into a report which contains the latest synopsis of GIS activities for West Virginia.  The report will be published in June and will be made available in electronic format to all WVAGP members and conference attendees.

Other ways to submit roll call information

Who can submit a roll call report?
Any public or non-profit agency which has a GIS presence in West Virginia is encouraged to submit a roll call report.  In addition, sponsors or exhibitors of the 2008 West Virginia GIS Conference may submit a roll call report.   

Are there previous roll calls?
Yes.  Roll call reports were published for the WV Geospatial Community in 2004 and 2006.  If you wish, you can preview these reports to update your responses.

  1. 2004 Report (62 organizations)     Word Document    Adobe PDF
  2. 2006 Report (74 organizations)     Word Document    Adobe PDF

Why do a roll call?
The biennial roll call report is beneficial in informing the West Virginia geospatial community of other agencies’ mapping activities in the State.  It is important to know what other agencies are doing to minimize costly duplication efforts and to make government more efficient.  In addition, this published report will be useful for the future State GIS Strategic Plan and for informing the state executive and legislative branches  As you can see from the 2004 and 2006 published report, multiple agencies at all levels of government utilize geospatial technologies for their agencies’ mission.

What are the questions on the 2008 roll call?

  1. Your organization’s GIS mission statement and geographic extent for digital mapping:
  2. For what geospatial data is your organization the primary or supplementary steward?               
  3. What geospatial services or products does your organization provide?                 
  4. How can the statewide geospatial community participate in or benefit from your mapping efforts?        
  5. Describe any significant cooperative efforts with federal, state, and local agencies, education and research institutions, or the private sector:
  6. Top three geospatial accomplishments in the past year:
  7. Top three geospatial goals for the coming year:
  8. Describe the three most significant geospatial challenges for your organization (technological, organizational, etc.): 

    Please be as succinct as possible when completing answers.  Responses should be relevant to geospatial activities in West Virginia.

How do I submit the roll call report?
There are various options including by email or online surveys. 

  1. Email:  Submit responses by email to Evan Fedorko at

  2. Word Document:  Click here for the Microsoft Word document template which you can then email.

  3. Ramona WV GIS Inventory:  Click here to register and complete the online survey to submit additional user profile and data stewardship information.  If you need to set up a user account, then click on the “create account” button located on the home page.  Information submitted in this format can be accessed at anytime in the future by authorized users. 

Are there other surveys I can fill out? 
Yes.  The WV Geospatial Community encourages GIS stakeholders and especially data producers to complete the user profile and all survey questions located on the Ramona GIS Inventory website.  This web-based inventory tool is part of a nationwide GIS inventory system supported by the National States Geographic Information Council.  If necessary, you will need to create a user account to complete this survey.  If you are the designated GIS contact for your organization, then please make sure that you coordinate the responses of all GIS personnel within your organization.  

When does the survey need to be completed?
Please complete your roll call report by May 9.  Make sure your organization is REPRESENTED in this report! 

Please contact Evan Fedorko at if you have any questions.