Call for Papers & Presentations

Date Session Title Presenter(s) Title Download
Wed. 6/9 Track 2 Arnold, Dave Stewardship of the National Hydrography Arnold_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 1 Student Ayersman, Will Identifying Infestation Probabilities of Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis, Fairmaire) in the Mid-Atlantic Region Ayersman_2010.ppt
Tues. 6/8 Federal Gov't Session Barnett, Jason Homeland Infrastructure Foundation Level Data (HIFLD) Working Group Barnett_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 1 Belcastro, Ron Statewide GIS Water and Wastewater Studey Balcastro_2009.ppt
Tues. 6/8 State Gov't Session Bocan, John “Geology Underlies It All…” GIS at the WV Geological and Economic Survey Bocan_State_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 1 Bocan, John The Many Interactive Maps of WVGES Bocan_1_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 1 Bocan, John A Basic Intro to Free and Open Source Software Bocan_2_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 3 Bragg, Tyler West Virginia Reserve Coal Valuation Process Bragg_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 1 Brennan, Jayson ArcGIS Server Trends and Commentary Brennan_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 2 Burgess, Marshall Progress of the RR Crossings Project at teh WV DOT Burgess_2_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 1 Burgess, Marshall WVDOT Snow Removal and Ice Condition Program Burgess_1_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 1 Chaudhry, Zahid My Flexible GIS--A Developer's Approach Chaudhry_1_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 1 Chaudhry, Zahid Digital Assets Management System (DAM) Chaudhry_2_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 1 Student Chen, Xiannian Building a Distributed Disaster Management System Chen_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 3 Clifford, Michael The WV Broadband Mapping Program Clifford_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 3 Deng, Jinyang Linking Tourism Resources and Local Economic Benefits: A spatial Analysis in WV Deng_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 1 Student Dhami, Ishwar Recreation Opportunity Spectrum Mapping Using GIS Dhami_2010.ppt
Tues. 6/8 State Gov't Session Elkhansa, Hussein WV Department of Transportation Elkhansa_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 3 Ervin, Connie Preston County Digital Mapping Ervin_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 2 Evans, Larry 2010 LiDAR Collection in West Virginia's COal Fields Evans_2010.ppt
Tues. 6/8 Local/Regional Organzations Session Fagan, Todd Eastern panhandle WV GIS Users Group Meeting: US Fish & Wildlife Service Fagan_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 2 Fedorko, Evan The WV NHD Stewardshsip Program: June '10 Update Fedorko_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 3 Gray, Maria Embarking on the Digital Monitoring and Tax Map Sales Gray_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 1 Grow, York CartoPac Field Solutions...when ArcPad and TerraSync just aren't enough... Grow_1_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 2 Grow, York WV CORS Continuously Operating Reference Stations Grow_2_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 2 Holmes, Mark The Journey to Next Generation 9-1-1: A Spotlight on your GIS Data Holmes_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 3 Hopkins, Eric The WV Flood Hazard Determination Tool: History and Progress Hopkins_2010.ppt
Tues. 6/8 Federal Gov't Session Janowicz, Jon The National Flood Insurnace Program: Floodplain Mapping in West Virginia Janowicz_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 2 Kuhn, Kevin Feasibility Study of Integrating WVDOT LRS Centerline with Statewide Addressing and Mapping Data Kuhn_2010.ppt
Tues. 6/8 Federal Gov't Session Lammie, Sam Monongahela National Forest Lammie_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 3 Lammie, Sam
Tues. 6/8 Keynote Lovin, Jeff On the Map: Building a Better America Through Increased Use of Geospatial Technology Lovin_Keynote_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 2 MacKay, Ross Accessing the National Spatial Reference System Mackay_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 2 Maclennan, Barbara Solid Waste: A forgotten but vital infrastructure layer Maclennan_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 3 Mihalik, Jeffrey Headwaters of Technology: Integrating a GPS mobile workforce with data collection and managment Mihalik_2010.ppt
Tues. 6/8 Federal Gov't Session Neidig, Craig USGS National Geospatial Program/Partnerships Neidig_1_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 2 Neidig, Craig Geospatial Activities in teh USGS and the National Map Program: A 2010 Update Neidig_2_2010.ppt
Tues. 6/8 Federal Gov't Session Prescott, Tim GIS and Related Activities in the USDA Natuaral Resources Conservation Service Prescott_1_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 2 Prescott, Tim NRCS LiDAR Applications in West Virginia Prescott_2_2010.ppt
Tues. 6/8 Local/Regional Organizations Roberts, Filipek, Fagan, Scott, Adkins Best Practices for GIS coordination at county level Local_regional.ppt
Tues. 6/8 K-12 Education Scotchie, Ensign, Landenberger, Kuhn, Blakenship Integrating Geospatial Technologies into K-12 Education k12_slides.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 1 Seppi, Joseph A Middle-tier MAF/Tiger Voter District Editing TOol for State and Local Governments Seppi_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 1 Student Servian, Dan An Exploration of the Spatial Distribution of National Parks Servian_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 3 Shaffer, Robert Working In Mapbook with Tax Parcels - Wood County Shaffer_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 1 Student Sheehan, Ken Advantages of Geographically Weighted Regression for Modeling Substrate in Streams Sheehan_2010.ppt
Tues. 6/8 WVAGP Annual Meeting Starcher, Jennings WV Association of Geospatial Professionals: Presidents Report Starcher_meeting_2010.ppt
Tues. 6/8 Non-Profits/State Boards Thornton, Ruth The Nature Conservancy of West Virginia Thornton_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 1 Student Tran, Tu Bridging the Digital Divide in WV GIS Systems Tran_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 3 Weatherholt, Kyle WVDOT Geospatial Transportation INformation: MS4 Storm Water Inventory Project Weatherholt_2010.ppt
Wed. 6/9 Track 1 Wu, Yueming ArcGIS Desktop Templates
Wed. 6/9 Track 3 Wu, Yueming SWAP / Many to Many Relations
Wed. 6/9 Track 2 Yalniz, Brandie Transportation Symbology Standarization Yalniz_2010.ppt