WVAGP has recognized the GIS Certificate Institute (GISCI) as the organization capable of providing a complete certification program to the broad spectrum of GIS professionals in the West Virginia and supports and encourages its members to obtain GISP Certification.

GISP Application Form and Links

GISP Certification in the Mountain State As of January 2020, there are 66 Certified GISP Professionals in West Virginia.

See list of GISP’s and geographic distribution map.

GISP Reimbursement Program

WVAGP assists members in their professional development and the State of West Virginia’s geospatial strength through the promotion of the GISP Certification. WVAGP’s GISP Certification Reimbursement Program is intended to provide monetary assistance to eligible members in their pursuit of GISCI’s GISP certification.

See WVAGP Reimbursement Program information
GISP Certification Fee Reimbursement Request Form

GISP Recognition by WVAGP

Every year at the WVAGP Conference or at the WVAGP Business Meeting new GISP’s are recognized and honored by the WVAGP board.

2016 GISP Certification Recognition by WVAGP

2014 GISP Certification Recognition by WVAGP

Maria Grey
Jessica Perkins
Jessica Gormont

2012 GISP Certification Recognition by WVAGP

Roger Cottrell
Adam Cottrell
Gene Del Greco
Hussein Elkhansa

2010 GISP Certification Recognition by WVAGP

Sang Yoo
Tyler Bragg
Juan de Dios Barrios
Debra Rohrer

2009 GISP Certification Recognition

Evan Fedorko
Kevin Kuhn
Kurt Donaldson
Matt Mullenax
Robert Shaffer
Sam Lammie
Todd Fagan
Yueming Wu

2008 GISP Certification Recognition

Matt Mullenax, June 10, 2008
Michael Shanks, June 10, 2008
Shaik Mohiuddin, June 10, 2008