Call for Papers & Presentations

Date Type Presenter(s) Title Download
Wed. 6/11 Paper Barbo, Andrews GIS & Integrated Cultural Resources for the Louisville Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project Barbo.ppt
Wed. 6/11 Paper Bennett Using Geospatial Analysis for Waste Water Planning in Crumpler, WV Bennett.ppt
Wed. 6/11 Paper Berasi Remote Sensing:  Earth Observations Put to Work for You Berasi.ppt
Wed. 6/11 Paper Clapham, Wu An Exploratory Approach to Geographic Multimedia Data Management for Bond Forfeiture Program in WV Clapham-Wu1.ppt
Wed. 6/11 Paper Clapham, Wu Integration of Mobile GIS Technologies in the WV DEP Bond Forfeiture Program  Clapham-Wu2.ppt
Thurs. 6/12 W/S Clements U.S. Census Boundary & Annexation Survey Clements.ppt
Wed. 6/11 Paper Crimmins, Mynsberge Estimating Woody Browse Availability in Regenerating Clearcuts Using Aerial Imagery Crimmins.ppt
Wed. 6/11 Paper Dorshow The Economic & Environmental Benefits of High-Resolution Imagery & Elevation Data: An EnCana Case Study from Northwest CO  
Wed. 6/11 Paper Fedorko Carbon Sequestration & Coal-To-Liquids Technology in WV Fedorko.ppt
Wed. 6/11 Paper Fugate Automated Feature Extraction Using Digital Camera Imagery Fugate.ppt
Wed. 6/11 Paper Gianato WV Broadband Coverage Maps Gianato.ppt
Wed. 6/11 Paper Glynn-Linaris FEMA Flood Map Modernization – WV DFIRM Status, Process, & Available Digital Products Glynn-Linaris.ppt
Wed. 6/11 W/S Hopkins Creating Metadata to Federal Geographic Data Committee Standard Hopkins.ppt
Wed. 6/11 Paper Inglis-Smith Using Remote Sensing Techniques to Track & Analyze Urban Development Along ADHS Corridor H in WV Inglis-Smith.ppt
Wed. 6/11 Paper Jacobs Web Mapping Solutions to Spatial Quality Control Jacobs.ppt
Wed. 6/11 Paper Kuhn Creating a Statewide Geocoding Service for WV Kuhn_1.ppt
Wed. 6/11 Paper Kuhn Creating the 1/9th Arc Second Elevation Data for WV Kuhn_2.ppt
Wed. 6/11 W/S Landenberger Remote Sensing for GIS professionals: Principles & Regional Applications Landenberger_1.ppt
Thurs. 6/12 W/S Landenberger Introduction to Classification Using MultiSpec Landenberger_2.ppt
Wed. 6/11 W/S Lawson ArcGIS 9.3 Presentation  
Wed. 6/11 W/S MacKay Accurate GPS Georeferencing Using OPUS MacKay.ppt
Wed. 6/11 W/S MacLennan Strategic Funding Opportunities for Geospatial Professionals McLennan.ppt
Thurs. 6/12 W/S Meade Introduction to LIDAR Meade.ppt
Wed. 6/11 Paper Mullenax Using GIS to Assess Parcel Suitability for Potential Park Locations Mullenax.ppt
Wed. 6/11 Paper Neidig Recent Geospatial Activities in USGS & the National Map Program Neidig.ppt
Wed. 6/11 Paper Peterson “Labor Sheds” of WV Peterson.pdf
Wed. 6/11 W/S Prillaman GIS Portal Technology at NiSource Gas Transmission & Storage  
Wed. 6/11 Paper Shaffer Parcel Level GIS in Wood County, WV Shaffer.ppt
Wed. 6/11 Paper Shank Digital Elevation Analysis to Characterize Surface Mining in WV Shank.ppt
Thrus. 6/12 W/S Sheilds, MacKay NOAA's National Geodetic Survey Height Modernization Sheilds.ppt
Wed. 6/11 Paper Simental Using GIS to Optimize Emergency Routes to Coal Mines in Boone County, WV Simental.ppt
Tues. 6/10 Presentation Smith Keynote Speech Cy_Smith.ppt
Wed. 6/11 Paper Starcher WV Hospital Service Areas Analysis Using GIS Starcher.ppt
Thurs. 6/12 Paper Strager Extending the National Hydrography Dataset:  A Spatial Framework for Water Resources Applications in WV Strager_1.ppt
Wed. 6/11 Paper Strager, Fedorko NHD & the Future of Stream Mapping in WV Strager_2.ppt
Thurs. 6/12 W/S Tassey, Laneve Transformation of Digital Tax Maps – Hancock County, WV  
Wed. 6/11 W/S Thaxton Open Source Web Based Mapping Applications Thaxton.ppt
Wed. 6/11 Paper Towers Defining Historical Appalachian Landscapes with GIS Towers.ppt
Wed. 6/11 Paper Yoder Use of Oblique Aerial Imagery in Governmental Operations Yoder.ppt
Wed. 6/11 W/S York GPS Review Workshop York_1.ppt
Thurs. 6/12 W/S York  Integration of Digital Camera Photography into Mobile GIS Data Collection  
Thurs. 6/12 W/S York  Differential Correction – when Accuracy Matters with Mapping-Grade GPS  
Wed. 6/11 Paper Yuill A GIS Integrated Framework for High Fidelity Landscape Visualization Yuill.ppt
9:44 AM 2/2/2010